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Shower Knight Head Accessories

These Shower Knight Head Accessories possess best connecting features. These can connect the shower pipes or openings with different pipes without incurring any leakage. These create joints that do not let the water escape even in small amount. Properly manufactured, these work durably for a very long time. The raw material used in their making is stainless steel that provides it both portable and long lasting traits. Furthermore, these are completely resistant from any deterioration caused by the air or pollution as their surface is coated by strong metallic paints.  

Added features
  • Having robust shape, these can be used for any type of showers.
  • These Shower Knight Head Accessories have fixed openings and slots.
  • These can work fluently under high temperature and pressure.
Product Image (DKH-R-TUBE)

19mm Tube

Price: 170 INR/Foot
  • Shape:Other, PIpe
  • Color:Black
  • Product Type:Plumbing Nozzles
Product Image (DKH-S-TUBE)

10x30 TUBE

Price: 225 INR/Foot
Product Image (DKS-S-1)

Wall To Pipe Bracket Sq.

Price: 450 INR/Unit
  • Product Type:Plumbing Nozzles
  • Color:Black
Product Image (DKH-R-4)

Pipe T Connector

Price: 750 INR/Unit
  • Color:Black
  • Product Type:Plumbing Nozzles
  • Shape:Other, T shape
Product Image ( DKH-R-1)

Wall Pipe Brackets

Price: 270 INR/Unit
  • Shape:Other, Cylendrical
  • Color:Silver
  • Product Type:Other, Wall Pipe Brackets
Product Image (DKH-R-3)

Pipe to Pipe Bracket

Price: 510 INR/Unit
  • Shape:Other, Cylindrical
  • Product Type:Other, Pipe Bracket
  • Color:Silver

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